Where are my weekend warriors at? I love love love my weekend crew. A weekend warrior at the hospital works every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My oldie nurses usually refer to this as “baylor shifts”. Back in the day they used to pay nurses a crazy differential to work just weekends. Why did we do away with this? Give me all the weekends.

As a single mom, working weekends works much better for me. I can be home with the kiddos during the week. Then home during the week to take them to school, pick them up, and everything in between. I don’t have to worry about child care during the week except for rarely if I go out of town without the kids. Majority of my weekend coworkers are single parents, have small kids, spouses that work during the week, are in school, or prefer the laid back atmosphere.

Years ago my co-sister and I had worked the weekend, then when we got off on Monday morning had breakfast and hit the beach. This younger college student came up to us and asked us what we did for a living. She was like, I was just wondering what you did that you’re able to be at the beach on a random Monday while everyone else is at work. We told her we were nurses and work the weekends in the ER. By the look on her face I think we didn’t really give her the answer she was looking for. When her response was “on purpose?”, we knew she wouldn’t be seeking a nursing career.

If you ask anyone that works weekends they will tell you it has its pros and cons. While everyone is chaotic and filled with the Monday blues, you are enjoying the start to our days off. The perks of weekends are: increased shift differential, no traffic coming to work, beer breakfast being acceptable, no management, being home during the week, and the all hands on deck culture.

All we have is each other on weekends. This is a recipe for on outstanding family atmosphere with teamwork written all over everything we do. When things get crazy and chaotic everyone jumps in to get whatever needs to be done….. done. Nobody drowns. Nobody gets left behind. We are all in. We are weekend warriors hear us roar! Ok just kidding. Being dramatic would never fly on a weekend shift. So to my fellow weekend warriors, you are for sure made of sugar and spice. Keep up the good work. May we raise our coffee cups high my friend and know we are needed/appreciated even if it’s just by each other!




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