Must have girls weekend….. it’s a must…

Welp…. As a single mom of 5 kids going away without kids is next to impossible. It requires ALOT of pre-planning and re-planning down to the last detail. Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely suck at both planning and details so I have to work extra hard to make a girls weekend happen. I can count on one hand how many times in 15 years since I became a mother that I left the kids to have some time for myself. However, girls weekend is officially a must and I’m not going to be making any apologies for my new found MUST!

My sweet co-sisters from work convinced me months ago that I needed to get-a-way. Maybe it’s all my new wrinkles or the constant stressed out look I’ve had or all the weight I’ve gained. Whatever the reason they were right! I was locked into going from the first Venmo of paying my portion for the room. Which surprisingly ladies when you split a room between friends you really cant beat the price. Leading up to the trip I experienced some health issues. I went to the doctor and he was like ok well we need to schedule your hysterectomy within the next couple weeks. I of course cried talking to the surgery scheduler. Im like… “Listen lady I have a girls trip paid for and I really want to go. I deserve a weekend.”. Without hesitation she said “No problem. I totally get it. How about the day after you get home from your trip? He would prefer a different day but he will understand.”. PERFECT! She clearly knows the importance of girl time!

I had an amazing weekend filled with my favorite tequila and the best co-sisters. We laughed. We danced. We shared Ubers and country concerts. We swam. We sunbathed. We napped. We took the stairs (at least once). We encouraged each other. We celebrated us. We already started planning for next year. We deserved time away from our everyday chaotic lives to refocus, recenter, and take a breath of fresh air. I never felt bad about it for one second.

Why don’t we take more time for ourselves? My mom is a selfless woman. She always has been dedicated to her job. Nights and weekends are spent keeping up with the house, running errands, and now helping with all of her grand kids. She never took girls weekends when I was growing up. When the kids were younger I felt like I needed them with me at all times if I wasn’t at work. I see the error of my ways. Mommy needs a minute….. or two. Good gracious I am only one person and can only do so much. My friend Gina vacations with her mom and sister a few times a year. I want that for my girls more than anything! Permission to get-a-way and just be.

On my drive home I started thinking about self love and what that looks like and means. I’m interested to hear and learn more from other mothers and full time bread winners what self love means to them and how they find time for themselves through the chaos!


Ladies do yourself a favor a plan a girls trip right now! Text your friends and get the date on the books! We aren’t getting any younger and we only live once! Your family and job will survive a weekend without you… promise…

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