The Keys on a budget!

Raising five kid’s aint cheap. After my divorce I committed to making memories for my kids. I made it a priority. With that being said when you’re broke you don’t have a lot to work with and requires lots of planning ahead. People have asked so I wanted to share my tricks on how to get out of town and have complete down time with your kids. Uninterrupted, focused on them, down time. Priceless.


#1 Go over the money rules BEFORE you arrive!

  • “Mommy is NOT buying a bunch of crap from the gas station so don’t even ask.”! Literally kept coolers full of cold drinks and snacks from the time we pulled out of the drive way to prevent dropping a fortune at the gas station.
  • Told them we would only be eating out one meal a day and the other meals we would be eating in. Never once did anyone complain.. (WIN!)
  • Planned meals and shopped all the bogo of the week deals at Publix. Then of course loaded up on deli meat and cheese to make sandwiches ready to eat.
  • No souvenirs. You must find shells or sea glass. However, ended up having extra money from saving they did get to pick out something. I got a wine bottle koozie that I’m SO happy about!




#2 Airbnb Baby!

  • Soooooooo easy to navigate the app and use the filters to find exactly what you want within your price range.
  • They have this very unique feature that if you book far enough out from your trip your payments are split into two. Literally the best thing. Pay half at the time of book and then the other closer to your trip.
  • We rented an awesome RV located in a gated RV park with its own down and community pool. Also came with kayaks! Literally the most peaceful set up!


#3 Plan activities!

  • We brought all of fishing stuff because of course that was the kid’s main goal. I told him I was only going to buy bait when we got there. Ended up buying a bag of hooks to but I let it slide.
  • The boys brought their xbox for down time at night. In preparation for rainy days we brought cards and board games. It never rained during the day but one night we all were exhausted and played board games for an hour or so and crashed.
  • There is a ton of stuff to drop your money on for experience purposes. We didn’t charter a boat, swim with dolphins, or ride in a helicopter. However, we did pack our lunch, went to two state parks, and a beautiful secluded beach that we couldn’t get enough of. We did make a lot of memories and had some precious quality time together.
  • If you know me then you know that Im actually a horrible planner. I usually have a general idea of what I would like to do but that is as far as I go. Well ideas need more than just a thought. So things went very smoothly when I was like ok we are going to go to this beach today and that beach tomorrow. Kids do better when they’re in the know.


So there you have it folks. That’s the science behind this broke mommy taking her gaggle to The Keys. I’m already planning next year but I want to go for WAY longer. My heart is SO full and happy from the sweet quality time we had together<3

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