Father’s Day bliss

As Father’s day comes to an end, I can’t help but think of so many people. I’ve thought about my own kids and how I never wanted them to be raised in a broken home. I struggled with this for many years but then I let it go. It’s better that they have two homes then two parents living in the same home that don’t love each other. I’ve thought about all the step dads and how being a step parent must be a hard job but truly driven by love. I’ve thought about the ones that have lost their dads. My best-friend recently lost her husband and father to her children. I typed out 3 different text to send her but none seemed like the right thing to say. I ended up just sending her a heart emoji tonight hoping she got it at the right time. I’ve thought about the men that are father figures and set the example because it’s the right thing to do. Being a father isn’t an easy job in this day and age. I’m not a father but I see the devil working hard on the men that are trying to do the right thing.

Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, I see how life seems to come full circle. I hung out with my dad and his amazing wife Vicky. They organized an entire cookout on the beach with all the family. If you know me you know this is my love language. Food, beach, and everyone together just makes me so happy. I watched my dad make his way around and make sure everyone had something to drink and was taken care of. He and Vicky were joking and laughing. I’m so thankful to see him so happy. He deserves it. You see my dad haven’t always been close. Just life happens sometimes but everything happens for a reason. He was really put through the ringer by his 2nd wife. God totally shielded me from her in so many ways and for that I’m thankful. Its ok that I say that because he would probably say the same. We’ve misunderstood each other 1000 times but it’s the 1000 times that we have chosen love. Every last time love always always wins. Instead of giving up, we both keep reaching for better. Better ways to communicate and become closer. Relationships are messy. People aren’t always going to be what you want, say what you want, or do what you want. Just like you aren’t going to be everything you need to be to them. It’s a two way street. Choosing to love each other pushes your relationship in the right direction. We have shown each other grace, love, and mercy. The most precious of these is that I know that my dad loves me. Regardless of anything that has happened. We are here. We are happy. We are family. We chose each other.

img_2126Dad, I love you SO much. I’m so thankful for all ways you love me. I’m truly blessed to call you dad. Thank you for all the times you put up with me and for that one time you let me borrow your truck and crashed it. I look forward to many more sunny days!

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