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Well well well……… There are some of us nurses that chose to work in chaotic areas known to the nursing world as “critical care areas”. This means that you can go from 0-100 in seconds at any given time and stay that way even after dayshift arrives. Because I work in this area there are things that I just know.

#1 Marriage

I view my job as a marriage. Although in real life I have really sucked at marriage and have two failed ones under my belt. I am committed to my job. I want my job to like me and to keep me around. How they show their love to me is by paying me every two weeks and once a year in May they treat me to an ice cream sundae. There are things I don’t necessarily like about my job but if I have to reassess a patients pain level then that’s what I do. There are things I’m sure they don’t necessarily like about me, like when I ask to take 3 weeks in a row off in summer. I just do it every summer because I know one day I will get a yes:) Back to my original point. My co-workers aren’t going to always like me and I’m not always going to like them but for the sake of staying married I just do what I need to keep the peace. They know I’m committed.

#2 People who eat together stay together

Unfortunately this motto has contributed to my weight gain…. but I always try to bring in food or organize potlucks. People connected on a personal level when they share a meal together. I’ve had annoying co-workers and after a few potlucks my feelings towards them turned to nothing but likes.

#3 Sorry for what I said during a stressful moment

Sometimes when you are working in a critical care area and you have a patient that is very sick or you get multiple patients in, there is no time for please and thank you. You start just yelling out what you need. “Ambu bag! pressure bag! fluids! A-line set up!”. Your team will recognize this voice and start coming together and getting what is needed to resuscitate your patient. Many times after a stressful situation I’ve gone to every person on my team or openly said at the nurses station “Thank you so much team for helping me. I’m sorry if I seemed bossy.”. When you work with people over time and you kind of bond over the chaos you and you never take personal what they say in their time of stress.

#4 What to do when someone writes and email about you

First of all let me preface by saying,  if you have an attitude or are normally ratchet or if your coworkers never know what mood you will be coming to work in. You need a refresher in professionalism and how to act. For the majority of us that always try to act appropriately and professionally at work, when someone takes what you said during a stressful moment as being a b#$%@ and they send your boss an email. I wanted to go up to them and apologize but I’m just not that good with words. I look at what I could’ve said or done differently. Then I make it a point to be very nice to them. I don’t need to confront them. I don’t need to post something and then everyone ask me about it. I just take it as a teaching moment to better myself and move along.


There will always be that person at your job that you don’t like or doesn’t like you. Moving jobs doesn’t make it go away. You learn how to work with them. Showing love rights wrong every time. Sometimes you love them by not provoking them and always being professional. Now get back to work!






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